Zlin Soft team has a simple philosophy – we only hire the best professionals, so that we could sometimes make miracle happen, for our clients. Our offering is built on dramatic improvements in customers’ short-term and long-term success. Zlin Soft is a premier custom software development provider, leading the innovation and evolution for many organizations, worldwide.


To reliably meet and exceed customer expectations, Zlin Soft team uses the following three-step process while building products for our customers.

  • Two/three days workshop to define product features and map out architecture
  • One week to deliver a prototype
  • Two months to deliver the product with additional two weeks for release engineering

We work with customers’ project management tools. When customers want us to manage the process, we use JIRA and Microsoft Project, Git version control and Jenkins. Our system allows internal and external stakeholders to get a real-time view of project state, including tasks, issues and bugs. This tested approach allows the Zlin Soft team to deliver value quickly, without exposing our clients to excessive risk.